Collection of Documents for PG Lanao

PG Lanao - HRD Planning - Facilitator's Guidebook

This guidebook documents processes or How To’s which the human resource (HR) focal persons of PGLDN spearheaded by the Provincial Human Resource Management and Development (PHRMDO) went through to produce the HRD Plan for the first time in the life of the provincial government.

PG Lanao - Planning and Budgeting Harmonisation Guide

This document describes the general process flow of PGLDN’s annual planning and budgeting cycle and presents how to integrate HRD planning activities into these standard processes. It also shows the different offices, committees or units involved in the process and briefly defines their roles and responsibilities.

PGLanao - - Intervention Brief on HRMD Planning

The HRD Plan helped PGLDN identify the competency gaps of provincial employees, paving the way for PGLDN to develop its employees’ competencies and capacities to make them more effective public servants.

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