Collection of Documents for PG Davao

PG Davao - Guidebook on Harmonizing the Provincial Strategic Competency-based HRD Plan with the Annual Planning and Budgeting Process

With this document, the users will be guided on how to synchronize, if not effectively mainstream, HRD Planning into PGDdN's planning and budgeting process so that HRD planning will be sustained and become significant part of the planning process of the LGU.

PGDavao - Intervention Brief on HRD Planning

The intervention helped improve critical provincial staff competencies in the area of Human Resource Development, aiding them in formulating relevant and strategic learning and development interventions

PGDavao - Learning Development Reference Manual

The Learning and Development Reference Manual captures the experiences and learning of the pool of learning facilitators that were trained during the HR/OD intervention on Strengthening Management of HR Learning and Development Services of the province of Davao del Norte. This manual will provide L&D facilitators and practitioners with comprehensive but concise guidelines in designing and developing the interventions identified in the HRD plan of the province.

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