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PG Aklan - HRD Plan 2014

The Provincial Government of Aklan’s (PGA) Strategic Human Resource Development (HRD) Plan for Road-Related Departments (RRDs) serves as a blueprint for the implementation of strategic learning and development interventions to enhance competencies of employees and increase PGA capacity in delivering effective and efficient road services. It is a section of the provincial government’s plan for developing its human resources to enhance their performance in their current and future jobs.

PG Aklan - Learning and Development Manual - Volumes 1-5

The Learning and Development (L&D) Manual is a reference document that incorporates policies, processes and tools for the implementation of the L&D System of the Provincial Government of Aklan (PGA). It operationalises the System by defining standards in the implementation of the L&D stages of planning, pre-implementation, implementation and post-implementation – geared towards ensuring that L&D interventions result to improvement in employee performance and achievement of PGA’s strategic goals and priorities.

PGAklan - Intervention Brief on PGAklan HRMD Planning

HRD Planning has been mainstreamed in PG Aklan’s annual planning and budgeting processes. The HRD Plan itself is aligned with the province’s strategic development thrust.

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