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DSWD Competency Cards Functional Competencies

Educates others on the program-related laws, policies and guidelines; Advances legal adoption and foster care for the disadvantage, abandoned and neglected children to provide them with their own family to nurture and care for them.

DSWD Competency Cards Leadership Competencies

Establishing and maintaining helpful working arrangements with internal and/or external individuals, groups and institutions which have an interest in, or have an impact on the completion of work assignments or success of DSWD programs. This may involve negotiating for resources, deliverables, and delivery times, and balancing one's won needs and the needs of other parties.

DSWD - Competency Cards - Introduction to Competency Cards

The COMPETENCY DICTIONARY has been designed as a reference tool for DSWD employees. Its primary purpose is to bring more detailed definition to the behaviors that are important for DSWD to achieve its strategic goals, and to create a common, objective language for discussing behavioral skills. This can be used for human resource management functions including recruitment and staffing, learning, career development and performance management.

DSWD - Instructional Material Handbook

Competencies are the set of one's knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSAs) that are overtly manifested and measured by way of concrete behaviors. These KSAs determine success in one's role at work. It is assumed that as one goes through work, it is possible to increase one's level of proficiency in any particular competency.

DSWD - Intervention Brief on Competency Modelling and Enhancing the Recruitment System

CMERS reduced turnaround time for hiring contractual workers for DSWD’s Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) from 2-4 months to 1-2 weeks, and for plantilla positions to six months across programs.

DSWD - Intervention Brief on Competency-based Recruitment, Selection and Placement Rollout

The intervention continues to improve DSWD’s quality of recruits by cascading competency-based recruitment, selection and placement systems to the regions, led by its own pool of CBRSP subject matter experts from the central office.

DSWD - Intervention Brief on Institutional Development and Capacity Development

The intervention’s change management plan, along with DSWD’s improved understanding of its clusters’ functions, is contributing to the department’s efficiency improvement.

DSWD - Intervention Brief on Institutionalising Competency-based Leadership Development Program

DSWD now advocates a leadership brand: “Matapat, Magiliw, Mahusay”. It also uses the leadership competencies, identified through CBLDP, in assessing its leaders and in crafting appropriate leadership development interventions for them.

DSWD - Intervention on Competency-based Leadership Program Rollout

DSWD, because of the roll out of CBLDP, now has a pool of 105 key regional of- fice leaders who understand their responsibilities as change agents at the regional level.

DSWD - Partnership Highlights with HRODF 2014

PAHRODF has been helping DSWD improve its level of capacity, competency and change readiness to perform its mandate in an environment full of complex challenges attendant to the widespread nature of its developmental work. It implemented interventions focused on improving DSWD’s recruitment, selection and placement system and enhancing the leadership skills of its key officers, and is implementing interventions to scale up and replicate its earlier efforts.

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