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DILG - Intervention Brief on Leadership Development for Division Chiefs

The intervention improved communication and working relationships between service offices, bureaus and attached agencies at the DILG central office.

DILG - Intervention Brief on Leadership Development for Officials of DILG Regional and Provincial Offices

The intervention helped improve the leadership competencies of provincial dire tors and regional directors in 16 regions to support the cluster leaders perform their roles effectively

DILG - Intervention Brief on Leadership Development of Cluster Leaders in DILG Provincial Offices

The leadership program prepared cluster leaders for their new role as DILG’s frontliners in provinces and municipalities. It helped improved their competency to perform their roles as change agent, performance adviser, partnership builder, and team developer.

DILG - Intervention Brief on Results-based Monitoring and Evaluation

The intervention helped develop a results framework that will lay the groundwork for building one M&E framework for DILG national and sub-national programs, projects and activities.

DILG - Leadership - Story Book

Ito and Kwento Ko - Leadership stories from the field officers of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)

DILG - Leadership Training - Participant's Manual

This manual is intended to serve as a guide to the participants attending the Leadership Training of DILG.

DILG - Leadership Training Facilitator's Guide

This manual is intended to serve as a guide to trainers in facilitating the Leadership Training for DILG Municipal Local Government Operating Officers (MLGOOs). It is highly encouraged for the trainers to draw from their personal experiences to explain concepts, emphasize key points, and implement tools and procedures in this training

DILG - Partnership Highlights with HRODF 2014

PAHRODF has been collaborating with DILG since 2011 to improve its capacity, competency and change readiness to improve local government capacity to deliver basic services and reduce vulnerability arising from climate change and conflict - outcomes that directly address the Australia Philippines Statement of Commitment. The Facility has helped improve DILG’s Project Management System and manage the Performance Challenge Fund. It is also helping improve the Department’s leadership skills and practices to minimize tension in the workplace and facilitate better performance

DILG - Results-based Monitoring and Evaluation Guidebook

This guidebook is specifically prepared for the Local Government sector, although the tools, concepts and processes contained here can also be used by other interested users as well. This guidebook aims to unify and simplify monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems and processes at DILG; to focus M&E efforts on managing development interventions for results and to comply with the requirements of the oversight agencies; and to build the foundation for shared understanding and application of the Results-based Monitoring and evaluation (RbME) method, concepts, and tools.

DILG - Story: Dipping into the depths of social capital in Isabela

There is always a demand for improving capacities. However , except for learning-on-the-job and occasional mentoring in government, there is not much opportunity to systematically learn to support strategic directions.

DILG - Story: 'I in them' and 'one of us' in Camiguin

I have received my appointment as the Provincial Director of Camiguin Island rather recently, says Bruce Colao, and huge challenges welcomed me in DILG.

DILG - Story: Bayanihan in Caloocan discovering the bayani in everyone

Tanique Creek was swimming with litter. It smelled of urban decay. It was dead, but occasionally rises to life engulfing communities with flood water and debris.

DILG - Story: Change is good in Iloilo City

Lawyer Ferdinand Panes remembers, when he was the newly assigned DILG director in Iloilo City, he was reluctant because most local officials were also new and not familiar with the programs and advocacies of the Departmnet.

DILG - Story: Creative Lupon, meaningful results in Capiz

PD Helen Mestidio of DILG-Capiz has lots of stories to share about transforming relationships with LGUs in the province.

DILG - Story: Data, determination and drive pushing for gender based transformations in Marinduque City

City Director (CD) Jhoaden G. Lucero faced a grim reality that barangays in Mandaue would have very low compliance in the Barangay Governance Performance Management System (BGPMS) audits.

DILG - Story: DILG NCR ops up in the cloud

For DILG-NCR, there's no turning back--the only option is to look forward and innovate how regional operations are managed.

DILG - Story: Engaging business, government to keep competitiveness up in Laguna

Heavy traffic slows down production . Business, as a return, suffers from high production costs, less earnings, stymied expansion, and less employment.

DILG - Story: Garbage is opportunity in Pasay how Cutcut creek was saved

In Pasay City, garbage finds itself into the hands of entrepreneurs, rather than into the depths of waterways, just very recently.

DILG - Story: Nang lumiwanag ang Sapang Liwanag big businesss join hands to revive dying creek in Pasig

DILG Cluster Leader Merce Tuico is transferring from Pasig City to San Juan City beaming with new found confidence working with big business.

DILG - Story: Novel ways of IP representatives in loca sanggunian up in Mountain Province

How does one ensure representation of Indigenous People (IPs) in local communities whose elected officials are all IPs?

DILG - Story: Rediscovering the value of performance management in Agusan del Sur

The Provincial Government of Agusan del Sur takes pride in having a Human Resource Development (HRD) Plan that programs the capacity and competency improvements to be put in place to support the overall strategic directions of the province in the medium-term.

DILG - Story: The heart of Marinduque is peace

For the people of Marinduque, what matters most is that they live in peace. And for an island province that is a hub for the movement of people and goods, community cooperation is key to keeping the island safe.

DILG - Story: The soul of the Bohol Cluster is the team

Bohol is a class of its own. LGUs troop to this island in Central Visayas to learn from good practice. In 2012, the Provincial Government of Bohol and the Municipality of Maribojoc clinched Galing Pook Awards, two national distinctions for a small island province in the same year and among many national and regional awards for local governance reform and innovation.

DILG - Strategic Communication Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to provide a practical guide to designing and implementing communication programs for the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG). This is intended to guide all those who will be involved in designing, implementing and evaluating the DILG Strategic Communications like the DILG Public Affairs and Communications Service (PACS), DILG Program/ Project Teams, Communication Program Service Providers and Partners of DILG.

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