Collection of Documents for DEPED

DEPED - Continuous Improvement - Project Learning Guide

Continuous Improvement is a methodology to continually assess, analyze, and act on the performance improvement of key processes, focusing on both stakeholder needs and the desired performance

DEPED - Partnership Highlights with HRODF in 2014

DepEd is one of PAHRODF’s core partner organisations as its mission directly aligns with the Statement of Commitment (SOC) between the Philippines and Australian governments. The Facility’s assistance to DepEd focuses on three capacity areas: Planning and Policy, Human Resource Management and Development and Leadership and Management.

DEPED - Strategic Planning Guide

A guidebook on Strategic Planning for the Department of Education. The Department of Education is adopting a simple and practical approach to strategic planning - the Right to Left Planning Framework. This framework alludes to the practice of reading that starts on the left side of the page and moves toward the right. However, the Right to Left Planning Framework begins on the opposite side on the right, and ends on the left side to emphasize its adherence to the dictum, "Begin with the end in mind."

DEPED ARMM - Benchmarking on Schools-based Continuous Improvement Approaches and Projects

This manual captures the benchmarking journey of DEPED ARMM officials (school principals, district and division officers, as well as regional managers) to model schools on Continuous Improvement (CI) program

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