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DCCCII - Advocacy Policy Manual

The Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (DCCCII) and the Philippine Australia Human Resource Development Facility (PAHRDF) have been consistently in active partnership in raising the competencies of Chamber volunteers and personnel and Volunteer Business Support Organizations (VBSOs). Proof of this enduring partnership is a series of successful capability-building training and education programs that promote the organizational, human resource and corporate fitness of the Chamber.

DCCCII - Resource Guidebook on Food Packaging

This Packaging Resource Guidebook is intended to be the primary source of information for SMEs and entrepreneurs just planning to start a food processing venture or those who need and want to improve packaging of their food products. This is a first edition and for it to be continuously relevant and useful, a monitoring and updating system will be installed in the Small and Medium Enterprise Resource Network (SMERN).

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