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CSC - A Guidebook for Change (Transforming Organisations)

CSC proudly shares this framework and earnestly hopes that government agencies may draw insights on how to introduce and implement change for smoother organisational transitions. Agencies are encouraged to use the change framework in fulfilling their respective mandates, to better serve our people. After all, this is what public service is about.

CSC - Change Journey Storybook of CSC

This storybook offers a glimpse of what the CSC staff collectively had to go through to transform the CSC. The first portion, Transition, Transformations, provides an overview of the changes that transjoined in human resource system: recruitment and performance management resource system assessment and learning and development. The second portion, “Tearing Down the Wall” chronicles CSC’s Change Management Journey.

CSC - Coaching Guidebook

The guide book has been written by the CSC leader-coaches for the leaders and managers of the Philippine Civil Service Commission in support of its leadership and coaching brand “Coaching for Integrity and Excellence”. In addition, this guide book is part of the PAHRODF design to support the Commission achieve its vision of becoming the ‘Strategic Human Resource Center for the Philippine Bureaucracy by 2015 and Asia’s leading center of excellence for strategic human resource and organizational development by 2030’.

CSC - Competency Based Recruitment Guidebook

Guided by the 2030 vision of becoming Asia's leading center of excellence for Strategic HR and OD and driven by the mission, "Gawing Lingkod Bayani ang Bawat Kawani" (Make every government employee a servant-hero), the Civil Service Commission (CSC), through its partnership with the Philippines-Australia Human Resources and Organisational Development Facility, embarked on a project dubbed as the Development and Institutionalization of Competency-Based Human Resource Systems (CBHRS) in the Public Sector of the P/1ilippines in September 2011. The project aimed to integrate competencies in the Human Resource Systems in the CSC first, starting with recruitment. The Commission recognizes the fact that hiring and retaining the best employees will lay the foundation for developing high performing, competent and credible civil servants.

CSC - Competency Development Manual

This competency development mannual aims to document the journey of the Civil Service Commission (CSC), together with the Australian Government through PAHRODF, in the developement and institutionalisation of competency-based HR systems

CSC - Guidebook on the Strategic Performance Management System

The Commission has prioritized SPMS among its human resource initiatives. CSC hopes that government agencies nationwide would be able to appreciate how the system would help create a work environment where civil servants—from executives to the administrative aides—are able to link individual performance with organizational goals and perform to the best of their abilities. And through this Guidebook, the Commission hopes to stay on course in initiating definitive measures geared towards upgrading the standards of public sector governance

CSC - Human Resource Development Planning Guidebook

Learning and Development (L&D) is an essential part of human resource management. It is providing employees with opportunities to upgrade their competencies so they will be capable to deliver high quality results that redound to optimum citizen’s satisfaction.

CSC - Intervention Brief on Develop and Deploy a Culture Transformation in CSC

CSC now manages change, caused by reforms, more effectively using its own change management framework. As a result, stakeholders are more empowered, and employees are able to better understand, appreciate and accept CSC’s various interventions.

CSC - Intervention Brief on Development and Institutionalisation of Competency Based HR Systems

The intervention laid the foundation for developing Competency-based HRMD Systems in CSC with its new core, organisation, leadership and technical competencies. It now gives CSC clear standard criteria and procedure in recruiting and promoting people.

CSC - Intervention Brief on Program for Learning and Development

The intervention gave CSC a Competency-based Learning and Development (L&D) Plan that allows it to offer a package of strategically developed L&D interventions for CSC employees and other government agencies.

CSC - Intervention Brief on Strengthening CSC PRIME HRM - The Assessment Phase

CSC develops global standards on 4 HRMD systems that include practices and competencies through PRIME HRM – Assess, Assist & Award.

CSC - Intervention Brief on Strengthening the Civil Service Institute

CSI now operates under a new business model similar to that of private enterprises, a new structure geared for the latest training and development trends, and a new brand that communicates CSI’s value proposition.

CSC - Intervention Brief on Top Management Benchmarking on HR Practices in Australia

Inspired by relevant best HR practices in Australia, four programs are now adapted in CSC to make it more strategic and developmental: ISO accreditation, multisectoral participation, development of public sector leadership competencies, and PRIME-HRM.

CSC - Intervention Brief on Transforming CSC Leadership

CSC now advocates Coaching for integrity and excellence as its leadership brand. CSC leaders, using collaborative approaches, are now well-positioned to influence, encourage and support other government agencies to improve their HRMD practices through coaching.

CSC - Leadership and Management Certification Program - Brochure

This is the FAQ on CPro. The Leadership and Management Certification Program or Cpro is an alternative mode of satisfying the postgraduate requirement for division chief and executive/managerial positions through an extensive certification program (CSC Resolution No. 1500615 as amended in CSC Resolution No. 1501534).

CSC - Online Competency Assessment Briefer

The CSC Online Competency Assessment (OCA) is a web-based assessment platform that gauges an employee’s individual competencies against the actual competency requirements of a job. The system speeds up the assessment process by automatically generating reports right after all assessment forms have been completed online. The installation of the system has resulted in a lead time reduction of the total competency assessment cycle from 3 months to 1 month.

CSC - Partnership Highlights with HRODF 2014

CSC is one of PAHRODF’s core partner organisations. It significantly influences HR and organisation development (OD) practices of Philippine government agencies - including the partners of various other Australian Government programs in the country. This maximises use of Facility resources and its multiplier effect, as well as its development impact. PAHRODF has been helping improve CSC’s capacity, competency and change readiness to transform from being regulatory, policing and transactional to becoming a developmental and strategic human resource management agency.

CSC - Partnership Highlights with HRODF 2016

PAHRODF’s partnership with the Commission in 2011 was timely; it corresponded with the beginning of CSC’s change journey from being transactional to strategic. That same year, CSC unveiled its Roadmap for Development and Reform which detailed its priority programs and presented its vision to be Asia’s leading Center for Excellence in Strategic HR and OD by 2030.

CSC - PRIME HRM - Brochure

PRIME-HRM stands for Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management. It is a mechanism to support the attainment of the Civil Service Commission vision of becoming a Center of Excellence for Human Resource and Organization Development. PRIME-HRM assesses the agency’s human resource management competencies, systems, and practices toward HR excellence. PRIME-HRM presents a more progressive system of assessment as it entails greater engagement not just of the human resource management officer (HRMO) but also of the officials and the rank-and-file employees of the agency.

CSC Prime HRM Guidebook

PRIME-HRM stands for “Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management.” It aims to elevate public sector human resource management to a level of excellence through the assessment, assistance, and awarding processes of HRM Systems, Practices, and Competencies using HRM maturity level indicators that are at par with global HRM standards.

CSC Prime HRM Primer

PRIME-HRM stands for “Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management.” It aims to elevate public sector human resource management to a level of excellence through the assessment, assistance, and awarding processes of HRM Systems, Practices, and Competencies using HRM maturity level indicators that are at par with global HRM standards.

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