PRGS Research Proposal Template

PRGS research proposals must contain the following information at the minimum:

  1. Title of the Research Paper
  2. Abstract
  3. Statement of the Research Question
  4. Rationale / Significance and Innovation
  5. Scope and Limitations
  6. Research Design and Method
  7. Definition of Terms
  8. Theoretical Framework
  9. Data Sources
  10. Bibliography
  11. Outputs and Deliverables of the Research Project
  12. Workplan and Budget (describe funds sources and uses if research is co-financed)
  13. Acknowledgement of Code of Ethical Research
  14. CV of Individual (if Individual) OR CV of Organisation and Respective Team Members (if research organisation)
Download Proposal Template

Proposals must not exceed 10 pages, double spaced. Font should be Arial size of 12

By submitting this Research Proposal, you are hereby affirming that you adhered to research ethics. Any applicant found to have violated research ethics will be disqualified from participating in the PRGS and in other PAHRODF projects.

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