Priority Themes

The Research Selection Committee will award the grant to successful proposals covering the following research themes:

  1. Quantitative analysis of the effects of the Performance Based Incentive System (PBIS) and the Performance Based Bonus (PBB) on the productivity and morale of employees in selected Philippine government agencies
  2. Review of the business models of  government training/learning institutes/academy in the Philippines
  3. Study to revert the specialist positions of HR, Budget, Procurement, etc. under the General Administrative Service of the Position Classification Plan (in compliance with Budget Circular 2004-3) to position titles that are more descriptive of their functions
  4. Study of the Organizational Structure of the Local Government Units to help the Civil Service Commission in the revision of CSC Memorandum Circular No. 19, s. 1992.
  5. Determining the appropriate human resource systems (recruitment, selection, and placement) in Bangsamoro volunteer organisations (e.g., Bangsamoro Development Agency, Bangsamoro Leadership and Management  Institute)
  6. Assessment and comparison of the implementation  of devolved functions of high income (1st to 3rd class) and low income (4th to 6th class) Local Government Units
  7. Impact assessment of the different leadership training programs in PAHRODF-partner government agencies
  8. Best practices in managing political transitions to sustain large-scale government programs (e.g., Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program)
  9. People issues in HR/OD: public private partnerships, gender, persons with disabilities

Newly added: CSC-related researches:

  1. Policy on Public Sector Job Order Contractualization
  2. Collective Negotiation Agreements and Employee Benefits
  3. Appointment
    (Based on Resolutions issued by the CSC from 2011-2015, what are teh common violations in the issuance of appointments?)
  4. Administrative Discipline
    (Based on the CSC Resolutions on disciplinary cases issued by the Commission, what are the common acts of misconduct among government officials and employees in NGAs/LGUs?)
  5. Qualification Standards
    (How is the job performance of Division Chiefs with Master's Degree compared to the job performance of Division Chiefs who do not have Master's Degree?)
  6. What are the possible constitutional changes that can help strengthen the powers and functions of the Civil Service Commission in administering the Civil Service?
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