Call for Research Proposals

The deadline of submission of proposals has been extended until

5:00pm Manila time on 08 July 2016

photo1 The PRGS is a competitive grant program that PAHRODF launched in September 2013. Its main objectives are: (i) to generate research evidence that will inform and improve PAHRODF’s and its partner organisations’ decision making; (ii) to find possible solutions to HR/OD related problems in public organisations in the Philippines; (iii) to predict and respond to HR/OD related development challenges in the Philippines in general and in the public organisations in the Philippines in particular; and (iv) to process and learn from the various PAHRODF interventions and share the knowledge gained from them to all stakeholders.

PRGS supports discipline-based, practice-based and learning-based research activities that will inform the completion of three main knowledge management products: (i) HR/OD workshop cum conference (e.g. HR Symposium) to share the results of the various studies undertaken under this PRGS; (ii) knowledge management products (e.g., guidebooks, teaching cases, white papers, policy briefs, etc.) based on the grant studies and conference outputs; and (iii) series of easy-to-read articles based on the grant studies. These knowledge management products will be disseminated by PAHRODF to strategic stakeholders as part of its activities under Component 3.

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