Alumni Postcard Video - Australia Awards - Martin Andanar

Martin Andanar is a TV, radio and online personality in the Philippines who says he does not believe he would be where he is today had he not studied in Australia. Martin completed a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Political Studies, majoring in Film and Media Studies at Federation University in Victoria where he acquired a “fantastic set of skills across a range of different media”.

Today, Martin Andanar is a Filipino TV media executive. He is a news anchor on Aksyon sa Umaga – which is one of Manila’s most popular morning news programs. He’s also a radio commentator, podcaster, audio blogger and voice over artist at TV5 where he is the Head of News5 Everywhere & Tv5 Everywhere programs, which are the first Filipino Social News TV programs of their kind.

He recalls the time he spent in the lucky country as exactly that. He felt fortunate to spend time in Australia and really experience what good governance is, and he wants that for his own country.

Since returning home Martin has established and organised several community and civil organizations advocating volunteerism and good governance. In 2006 he established the community organisation, Books for Siargao, which is a project that helps establish children’s libraries in the Island of Siargao, Surigao del Norte, Philippines. Siargao has 132 Barangays (24 Island Barangays and 108 Mainland Barangays) and majority of these small towns are poor and do not have libraries for children. In 2016, Books for Siargao has opened 14 libraries in the region.

As a broadcaster, one of his advocacies is citizen empowerment through “internet citizen journalism”. In September 2009, he gathered like-minded people, convinced his TV boss and developed , a 2010 presidential website that listens to the voices and opinions of “internet citizen” journalists.

Some of his current projects include: SLM TV, the first Muslim Channel in the Philippines; Balut Radio, the first internet hybrid pure play radio in the Philippines.

With his innovative ideas in media and politics Martin is set for a successful and long career and is excited about what the future holds for him, and for The Philippines.



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