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Applicants for the short courses are limited only to pre-selected employees of partner organisations. Pre-selected employees have been advised by their HR offices to fill out the application form below.

Others need not apply.

  • Australia Awards Participants Profile

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    • Introduction
    • Kindly answer the questions below to complete your registration to the program. If you cannot finish answering the questions in one sitting, just click the save button at the bottom of the page and an email will be sent to you containing a link where you can visit and complete your profile at a later time.

      If you encounter any problem using this online form, please do not hesitate to send an email to or a text message to 09209502102.

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    • General Information

    • Next of kin or emergency contact
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    • Disability Questions
    • Disability Questions:

      The information on the right is used to assist the AAAEP-P in monitoring, supporting, and improving services to people with disabilities. Disclosing this information will not affect your admission to the program.

      The next questions ask about difficulties you may have doing certain activities because of a ‘HEALTH PROBLEM’

    • Current Organisation

    • Competency Baseline - Before the Course
    • Competency Baseline - After the Course
    • Impression of Australia, Australians and Australian Expertise
    • Before the course
      Australian expertise
    • Before the course After the course
      Australian expertise
    • Excellent Good Poor Very Poor
      1. How would you describe the relevance of this activity to your job?
      2. How well did the activity achieve the expected outputs and organizational outcomes?
      3. How would you describe the appropriateness of the content of the activity?
      4. How would you rate the timing and duration of this activity?
      5. How would you rate the welfare support and logistical arrangements activity?
      6. How would you rate the assistance provided by the Learning Service Provider in enabling you to
      produce the target outputs?
    • Expected Use of Improved Competency

    • Expected Improvement in Competency
    • Competency Assessment - NEDA Competency Models (Before the Course)
    • Competency Assessment - NEDA Competency Models (After the Course)
    • Competency Baseline - Data Analytics (Before the Course)
    • Upload Documents
    • Please upload a copy of your passport’s title page (where passport validity is shown)

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