Downloadable Templates and References

Below are some useful templates and references for applicants for the Australia Awards Scholarships.

Application Form - Data Requirements Templates

Different fields required in the application form for the Australia Awards Scholarships. For reference only. Applicants must use the online application form to fill out the data.

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REAPs - Crafting and Evaluating REAPs

The Re-Entry Action Plan or REAP is a proven mechanism that creates opportunities for scholars and learners to apply their new insights and enhanced competencies gained from training and other learning interventions. Page 7 to 23 of this guidebook presents some tips on crafting good REAPs.

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Presentation - Australia Awards Scholarships Promotions

This is the presentation material used during the promotion of Australia Awards Scholarships for June 2018 intake.

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Australia Awards Scholarships Policy Handbook - 2018

This handbook provides essential information for managing or participating in the Scholarship program. Institutions, applicants/awardees, DFAT officers and managing contractors/Case Managers should be familiar with its contents and understand their respective roles and responsibilities. (Source:

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