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CSI Webisodes

DEPED Video - Benchmarking on Continuous Improvement

This is a short video documentation on the journey of the participants attending the HR/OD intervention entitled "DEPED ARMM Technical Assistance for Benchmarking on School-based Continuous Improvement Approaches and Projects"

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PAHRODF helps build the foundation of good governance in the selected organisations critical in delivering the mutual development priorities of Australia and the Philippines. PAHRODF does this by addressing the human resource and organisational development issues of partner organisations, making them more capable of delivering services and effecting positive changes in the Philippines.

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Alumni Postcard Video - Australia Awards - Abelardo Apollo David Jr.

Abelardo Apollo David, Jr. known fondly as 'Teacher Archie' has been officially recognised as one of the Philippines most outstanding men for his profound impact on the lives of people with disabilities. Growing up in the Philippines he says he always knew he was passionate about serving others.

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DSWD Video - 1 Competency Introduction

This material guides the end users in going through the different steps in the conduct of a competency-based recruitment system which will aid them in hiring the right person for the right job at the right time.

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HRODF - Partnership Highlight - CSCAND

PAHRODF helped some members of the technical working group called the “Collective Strengthening of Community Awareness on Natural Disasters” or CSCAND improve their systems, processes and human resources. This helped agencies including PHIVOLCS, PAGASA and NAMRIA become more informed and strategic in anticipating and responding to communities’ needs with respect to disasters and calamities.

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Alumni Postcard Video - Australia Awards - David Esteban

David is involved in the development and implementation of transnational programs across the breadth and depth of basic education, vocational education and training, bachelor degrees, and postgraduate education, David's passion for delivering the best of global education practices is fueled by a love for learning and a belief that we all succeed together.

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Alumni Postcard Video - Australia Awards - Martin Andanar

Martin Andanar is a TV, radio and online personality in the Philippines who says he does not believe he would be where he is today had he not studied in Australia. Martin completed a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Political Studies, majoring in Film and Media Studies at Federation University in Victoria where he acquired a “fantastic set of skills across a range of different media”.

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PAHRODF Video - The SOC Pillars

Australia's aid program in the Philippines is organised around three mutually reinforcing objectives/pillars as outlined in the Aid Investment Plan. This is a short docu-video capturing the key results and impact of the HRODF's interventions in the partner organisations across these different pillars.

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Alumni Postcard Video - Australia Awards - Dr. Cielito Habito

One of the country's top economists: Dr. Ciel Habito. Australian alumni are destined for greatness!

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LSP Video - Be a Learning Service Provider

If you are a consultant or consulting firm, PAHRODF invites you to partner with us as one of our Learning Service Providers. Aside from having the opportunity to contribute to nation building, our partnership also opens you up to networking opportunities and more professional development through PAHRODF training programs.

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PAHRDF Video - DPWH - Enhancing Management Leadership in Support of Strategic and Operations Planning

Enhancing Management Leadership in Support of DPWH Strategic and Operations Planning

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PAHRDF Video - Capacity Development Monitoring and Evaluation

Not Your Traditional M and E: Fun, Electrifying, Totoong-totoo, Exciting!

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CSC Video - What is PRIME HRM

PRIME-HRM stands for Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management. It is a mechanism to support the attainment of the Civil Service Commission vision of becoming a Center of Excellence for Human Resource and Organization Development. PRIME-HRM assesses the agency’s human resource management competencies, systems, and practices toward HR excellence. PRIME-HRM presents a more progressive system of assessment as it entails greater engagement not just of the human resource management officer (HRMO) but also of the officials and the rank-and-file employees of the agency.

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Australia Awards Video - Mentoring - The NDMU Experience - Noemi Silva

Dr Noemi Silva from Notre Dame of Marbel University (Mindanao, Philippines) narrates her mentoring journey with her mentees.

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