Response speech of Mr. Renato U. Solidum, Jr.

HR Symposium 2017 | July 4-6,2017



Renato U. Solidum, Jr.

Undersecretary, Department of Science and Technology

Officer-in-Charge, Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology


Her Excellency, Amanda Gorely, Australian Ambassador to the Philippines, Heads and representatives of organizations, Members of the Philippine Australia Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF) and Learning Service Providers, Fellow workers in government, Guests ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.


In behalf of the Philippine Government partner agencies, I would like to thank and recognize the Australian Government and the Philippine Australia Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF), its flagship program for supporting human resource management, organizational development, and institutional change in the Philippines, for a job well done.


Our partnerships with PAHRODF have tremendously improved our capacities to fulfill our mandates, our competencies to make our work more effective, efficient and of high quality, and our readiness for change to make us more adaptive and relevant to the demands of the times.


To cite as an example, DOST-PHIVOLCS had several engagements with PAHRODF. The first was an organizational assessment. It made us in PHIVOLCS see and realize where we were and where we want to go as an organization. The results of the organizational assessment led us to determine the right interventions we needed at the right time.


Next were the Human Resource and Organization Development Interventions. The interventions provided by the Facility have raised the bar in the Human Resource and Organizational Development systems in a government agency like us, from our Strategic planning with a small leadership in the beginning, to Results-Based Performance Management System, to Competency Modeling, Profiling and Assessment. We decided to have as our vision to be one of the leading global science and technology institutions in helping develop communities safe and resilient to various geological hazards. The interventions made us think deeper of the “So What” and the “Now What” of whatever we are doing be it at the organizational or individual level.


Through the Scholarships provided through the Facility, the competencies of our staffs were developed and enhanced and this Is manifested through the outputs the scholars have produced that resulted to more effective and efficient processes of the organization.


Beyond the objectives of the interventions, we have built on the experiences and products of the interventions to improve other processes within the organization. After the HR and OD interventions, PHIVOLCS embarked in getting its ISO Quality Management System Certification for core processes of the whole office and obtained it this year.


The Knowledge Management products and documents that have been turned over to us, would serve as guides for us to continue to improve our HR and OD systems and process and for other organizations to apply.


Being a scientist, a geologist I observe things, people and organizations. For me, PAHRODF embodies an organization that has attributes which are important in achieving success – those attributes are spelled in the word EARTH. They have EARTHly attributes. E for Excellence – they excel and they also influence partner organizations to do well to excel; A for Aim at the Right Direction while Aiming High – they guide agencies in the right direction for improvement of HR and OD processes and systems.  The next two are relational attributes. R for Respect – they always treat partners with respect; T for Trust – they trust that the partners can do the job through facilitations. The last is H - they have Heart, the passion to help organizations in their HR and OD development. For me having a Heart or Passion in one’s work is very important. Note that if we put H in front among the attributes I mentioned, this would spell the word HEART. PAHRODF has the heart and passion for HR and OD. “SILA AY MAY PUSO”.


Thank you, Australian Government. Thank you, PAHRODF. We hope that the initiatives that have we worked on together will continue in some form to ensure that what we have experienced and learned will also be enjoyed by other organizations.



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